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– according to the great Edward de Bono. He was not entirely wrong. Thus creating something new is not just part of our tasks, but also a popular challenge. The journey from development to implementation of new projects always fulfills us anew. It is the look that decides whether and how we recognize and see something important! As a result, every order becomes something special thanks to a very individual approach. A culture of innovation is very important to us. We exhaust the resources we have available to the max until we plunge into unfathomable, almost unpredictable worlds. The projects in the MYA & PARTNER ideas factory are to be assessed like experiments. There are partly in-house and external projects. The successes and results are less easy to assess. What can be foreseen, however, is the mutual learning success for our company, which is higher here than in calculable projects.

MYA & PARTNER help you to turn your idea into a digital reality.

We are proud to present our cooperation partners to you. Still, we stay hungry!

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